I have never been the person to speak my mind much. I have my own ideas and opinions, of course, but have always been hesitant to voice them aloud, esp. if they will have an effect of isolating me from everyone.

I tend to ‘follow the crowd’, as they say. This was always the case earlier. In my teenage years, the volume of my inner voice lowered even more. It was difficult to ‘be me’ and to think of myself as an individual with useful opinions and thoughts, particularly if it differed from others. In university, this manifested in the usual fear of raising my hand in class and asking a question or giving an answer. Then there was the holding back among friends. My introversion didn’t help much, either.

To some people, it may seem that by not saying how you feel makes you a phony, and maybe it is true to some extent. But the fear of displeasing people and being unlikeable overpowered my other emotions. I assume another fellow introvert will understand my inner conflict. Speaking up is a big deal for some introverts(like me), but to disagree with someone and put forth your own thought on a subject, which is different from theirs, is terrifying. But stifling your inner voice is not healthy, and nodding along with everyone and agreeing to their beliefs, even if they don’t resonate with you, can take a toll. You have to listen to the whispers of your heart someday(creds to Ghibli for this phrase). And I am realizing that now too. So here I am, trying to find the courage to regain my voice and stand by my opinions, no matter how different that may make me seem. It will take me some time, of course, and won’t be an overnight miracle, but it will be worth it.


Be you, not them. Great female empowerment / feminist quote // Artwork from the new 2016 - 2017 ban.do agendas. You can download them all as digital wallpapers




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