My Hopes For 2022

Happy new year, folks! I have been absent from here for many months, but I’m finally back, and I’m here to stay!

2021 flew by so fast, and I’m very glad about that. The past year wasn’t the best, and there were some personal struggles, so I am hoping this year will be better.

A new chapter of my life has begun. I shifted to a girls’ hostel near my college yesterday, where I will now be spending the last five months of my MBA(Law) course. I have to share a room with another girl, but currently, I am the only one in my room. I have never lived away from home, so I am both excited and nervous. This year will bring a few interesting experiences, and I will surely share them here.

In this time of a new beginning, here are a few of my dreams and goals for this year:

I. To spend my 30th birthday with my loved ones

II. To read as many(or less!) books as I want, without any pressure to complete a certain number of books

III. To have a real convocation at my college (don’t mess this up, Covid!)

IV. To be consistent with blogging

V. To continue my daily routine of walking, meditating, and journaling

What are some of your goals and hopes for this year? I’d love to know!

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  1. Welcome back and I hope you have an amazing 2022!

    1. Thank you! Same to you!

  2. Welcome back! Good luck completing your MBA.

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