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Taylor Swift recently released a new album called Folklore and oh my god! it is so mesmerising! It seems like she has gone back to her country roots and I couldn’t be happier!

My current favorite songs on the album are: cardigan, mirrorball and seven.

Okay, so let’s get back to the tag. Per_fictionist created an exciting folklore-themed book tag and I am excited to do it!

🍂 the 1: A book that reminds you of good times:

The Bungalow Mystery (Nancy Drew Mystery Stories, #3)
The Nancy Drew Series

This book reminds me of my childhood.

🍂 cardigan: A book cover that describes your aesthetic:


This book cover describes my aesthetic perfectly: pastel and soft colours.

⁣🍂 the last great american dynasty : a book you loved when you were young but won’t probably love it as much if you read it now⁣:


I really enjoyed this book when I read it years ago but I am not so sure I would like it a lot now.

🍂 exile : a book you want to re-read⁣:


I want to re-read Persuasion which I read ages ago.

🍂 my tears ricochet : a book with a female protagonist you admire:⁣

33294200. sy475

Xiomara from The Poet X is someone I really admire for her strength and talent.

🍂 mirrorball : a book you associate yourself with:⁣


I really associate with Cath from Fangirl.

🍂 seven : a book cover that reminds you of a season⁣:

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The Wuthering Heights cover reminds me of stormy and cold winter nights.

🍂 august : a book you wish you could read for the first time⁣:


Little Women is a book I wish I could experience for the first time.

🍂 this is me trying : a book/book series you wish were longer:⁣


I wish I got to know what happens to Kai and Rumi in the future.

🍂 illicit affairs : a new release you would ditch your tbr for:


I am so excited for These Violent Delights, a Romeo and Juliet retelling set in 1920s Shanghai!

🍂 invisible string : this is my favorite track hands down. which is yours? your favorite book title⁣:


I love the title A Deadly Education!

🍂 mad woman : a book cover that screams fierce⁣:

52748041. sx318 sy475

The title screams fierce and feisty!

🍂 epiphany : your favorite book on magical realism⁣:

37758969. sy475

I haven’t read any books on magical realism, so I will choose this book, which I have read partly (hehe), but I really enjoyed the parts I read.

 betty : your favorite book with a slow burn romance⁣ :


Darcy and Elizabeth’s romance is the quintessential example of slow-burn romance.

🍂 peace : a book you wish everyone would read atleast once⁣ :


I think everyone should read this book once in their lifetime!

🍂 hoax : a book you thought you would like but didn’t⁣ :


I thought I would like the book from reading the blurb but unfortunately I didn’t like it and DNF’d it.

And that’s it! I had fun doing this tag! Not tagging anyone in particular but feel free to do it if you want! And don’t forget to tag Per_Fictionist!

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