The new year is upon us! Have you decided on your 2020 goals? I don’t really believe in setting resolutions specifically for the new year, as I believe that you can make changes in your life anytime you wish, whether it be the beginning of the year or the middle of the year. However, it’s also true that its fun to prepare a list of goals to achieve in a brand new year. I know that these are completely contrary opinions lol!

Hence, with the advent of a new year, I have jotted down a few goals below that I hope to attain in the next year!

  1. Travel to a new place by the end of 2020

I don’t get to travel a lot, so I hope that I can travel to at least one new place in the next year, either with my family or friends.

       2. Read Classics

I had made a resolution last year that I would read a lot of classics in 2019, but sadly, I couldn’t accomplish it. As a result, when Lucy at lucythereader on Booktube announced that she was hosting #Classicscommunity2020 reading challenge, a year-long readathon in 2020 to read classics, I was delighted and eager to participate in it. I hope I get to read plenty of classics as part of the readathon.

     3. Continue self-learning Japanese and Italian

This year, I started to learn Japanese and Italian by myself. I wish to continue that in the next year.

    4. To read more diverse(esp. South-Asian) books

I haven’t read many books with diversity rep in it and so, next year, I am hoping to include more diverse books, especially more South-Asian books in my TBR pile. Fanna @fannatality and Nandini @novelsnebulas are organizing the #SARC2020(South Asian Reading Challenge 2020) which I will be taking part in. Click here to know more.

    5. Read at least 1 book from my large unread TBR every month

I want to reduce the unread books I have on my TBR and so I plan to read at least one book from my TBR every month next year. As a result, I am going to take part in the #StartOnYourShelfathon next year.

And that is all! Tell me your goals for 2020! Do you believe in new year resolutions?



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