Firstly, thank you so much Cat from Pages and Plots for tagging me in the Liebster Blogger Award! Check out her post for this blogger award as well!

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  1. Which book was a big part of your teenage years?


The Harry Potter series was my favorite during my teenage years. I devoured the books and the movies and my love for fantasy can be attributed to the marvelous wizarding world created by J.K. Rowling.


2. What is your most hated book to movie/ TV show adaptation?

The only movie that comes to mind is The Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire which was the worst movie ever in the entire franchise, in my opinion. So many important parts from the book were left out. I loved the book so much but the movie was just meh. And don’t get me started on the outfits that the makers of the movie made the Indian characters Parvati and Padma Patil wear in the Yule Ball! A total disaster of a movie!


3. How do you get out of a reading slump?

I usually resort to reading Kasie West’s books when I am in a reading slump, or I just go without reading for a while and binge-watch videos on Youtube or Netflix.


4. Is there a specific library/bookstore you’d like to visit?

I would love to visit the New York Public Library and the Shakespeare & Co. bookstore in Paris.


5. What is your second favorite genre?

My second favorite genre is classics.


       My Questions

  1. Who was your favorite author as a teen?
  2. What is one of your unpopular opinions regarding books?
  3. Is there any published book you wish you had written?
  4. If given a chance to erase any book from your memory, which book will it be?
  5.  Which is your favorite book to re-read?


I nominate:

                           | Fanna | Marie | Suri | Ara| Kristina |



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