Childhood Memories

Childhood was a time of fun and enjoyment.

girl-swinging-high-into-the-sky-annie-otzenSwinging high in the sky;

Reading Nancy Drew, Tintin and Enid Blyton’s books,

Eating too many mangoes during the summer vacations,

Dancing freely to Bollywood songs,      indian-mangoes-500x500

studying hard and stressing over final exams,

Giggling and whispering to friends during classes,

Hoping  that the teacher didn’t point to us to answer any question in classes,

Sharing lunch with friends during recess,

Getting excited to travel on trains to go to our

grandparents’ place during vacations,kids-playing-outside

Childhood was a time of carefree living.

What reminds you of your childhood?

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  1. Yay, you read Tintin’s books too !!?

    let’s see – Tintin & Where’s Waldo at my godmother’s, playing outside in the little wood behind our house and making “potions” out of bucket of water and mushroom from the woods 😂, Playing Zelda & Pokemon with my Uncle on his nintendo consoles ..

    1. Yes I loved TinTin! Haha your memories are fun too, esp love the potions part! 😄

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