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The day before moving into her new dorm, college freshman, Maya Lilac, has a haunting dream that ends with her coming face-to-face with a second version of herself. After being haunted by the dream during move-in day, she finally comes in contact with her double, nicknamed “Lucent”, and learns that she actually has powers and can—among other things—make her dreams come true.






Maya’s heritage, however, runs deeper when she discovers that she’s the True Dreamer, a person reaching back as far as Joan of Arc that’s tasked with protecting her species, as well as the world, from any and all threats… including her seemingly-peaceful and non-combative double. But, not everyone shares Maya’s vision that her clone isn’t out to harm anybody, especially her mother. As Maya and her mother fight over whether Lucent is a legitimate threat, Maya trains in her now-active powers to fulfill her destiny of protecting the world, whether she has to take care of Lucent or not.


I enjoyed reading the book. The world building was really fascinating. It was quite fast-paced. I don’t want to give away any spoilers but rest assured, there are no dull moments in the book.  I do have certain issues with it such as an open and abrupt ending. But overall, the story was enjoyable and immersing. I also liked how the characters weren’t cliche and stereotypical. Everyone had layers to their character. I loved how the relationships were well-developed. I liked the friendship between the main protagonist and her friend Rosemary. It’s a dark novel and is very engrossing. I would recommend it to fans of the genre of fantasy and sci-fi.

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Have fun reading, folks!

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