Year of the Asian Reading Challenge

Hello, guys! How is 2019 going for you? How many books have you guys read? As for

me, I have finished two books, both of which I loved and have posted reviews of them on here. My year is off to a great start, reading wise. And so I thought, why not take part in a bookish challenge as well? So I am taking part in the Year of the Asian Reading Challenge, a year-long challenge hosted by three lovely bloggers, Lily from sprinklesofdreams, Shealea from Shut Up, Shealea and Vicky from Vicky Who Reads. In this challenge, you can read as many books written by Asian authors and/or books with Asian representation you want. There are various badges you can choose from, depending on the number of books you wish to read. I have decided to choose the Philipine Tarsier, under which I can read between 1 to 10 books.

I know it contains only one star hehe! But you can choose other animals such as Indian cobra, Malayan tapir, etc. under which you can read more than 10 books.

For more details on the challenge and to sign up to be a participant and get these cute animal badges, click here.


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  1. I signed up for that target too! Good luck, and let’s have SO MUCH FUN!

    1. Thank you! All the best to you too! Yes let’s rock this year with good reading!

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