“Quiet Girl In a Noisy World” Review


“Quiet Girl in a Noisy World- An Introvert’s Story” is a comic illustrated and written by Debbie Tung.  I bought this ebook on my Kindle app after having followed Debbie on her Instagram page for quite a while, where she goes by the name of “wheresmybubble”. I am not being sponsored by her, but I just love her work a lot. And this comic is no different. 

The comic is gold. It chronicles the daily life of an introvert, and I believe it is inspired by Debbie’s own experiences. I was hooked from the first page itself. I couldn’t believe how relatable it is. I felt like I was seeing my own life drawn in front of my eyes. Being an introvert, I have had the same reaction as the character in the comic in several real-life situations.  

I would recommend every introvert to read this comic. It is a highly enjoyable read and all introverts would love it, since it is comforting to know that you are not the only person who acts in an awkward way in social situations.

I give this comic a 5/5.   

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