Current Music Favorites

I love listening to music, usually during my commute to and from work. Today I will list all the albums and songs I have been playing on repeat(and will in the near future too):

  1. Bathing Beach-EP by Novo Amor                                                           


This album was released in 2017 and contains just four songs. But each of them is beautiful and soothing. I especially love the song ‘Anchor’.

2. On the Train Ride Home-Album By The Paper Kites 


The album was released in April of this year. All the songs have a relaxing vibe to it. Since the monsoon has arrived in Mumbai, I love listening to these songs on the gloomy rainy days.

3. Pray for the wicked-Album by Panic! At the Disco


It’s a shame that I have only recently discovered this band, but better late than never, yeah? I absolutely love this recent album of theirs and it is definitely a stark contrast to the above two albums.

4. High As Hope-Album by Florence & the Machine


Finally! The D-day has arrived! Okay, this post is a little late, because the album launched on 29th June 2018, but I am so happy it did! Florence Welch’s voice is just magical, and although I have not heard all the songs in this album, apart from ‘Hunger’, I know this album is not gonna disappoint.

5. ‘Youngblood’ song-5 Seconds of Summer


Honestly, I had not listened to their music for a long time, and I didn’t have any expectations for their new album. But I may reconsider now since I really like the song ‘Youngblood’ from their new album of the same name.

Well! These are the all the albums/songs that are/ will be playing on my phone for some time before I get tired of overplaying it. Do share your current music obsessions too!

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