Thoughts on Taylor Swift ‘s “Reputation”

Taylor Swift dropped her new album “Reputation”on 10th November 2017 in the US, but it was released in India only a couple of days ago, on 1st December 2017. I had already heard three songs from the album which she had released before, which were “Look What You Made Me Do”, “Ready For It” and “Call It What You Want” and these songs had already become huge hits. As a result, I was curious to listen to the rest of her album. Well, I did and here are my thoughts on the new album:

The old Taylor isn’t really dead as the new Taylor claimed in the song “Look What You Made Me Do”. You can see the old Taylor’s influences in songs like “Call It What You Want”and “New Year’s Day”. I liked the song “Dress”, but was really surprised by the lyrics, considering a huge chunk of Taylor’s fanbase comprises of teenage girls and boys. But Taylor is 27 years old and I guess the song is appropriate for her, but can’t say the same about her fans. I am not giving any spoilers, so listen to that song and decide for yourself.  “Dancing with our Hands Tied” is another song i loved. Overall, the album is good, but not Taylor’s best. I prefer her albums “1989” and “Red” over the “Reputation” album.But I am pretty sure that the new album is going to be another success, considering that it has already been claimed as this year’s top-selling album. Seems Taylor Swift has proved she is still the queen of pop music.


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